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True North: The Canadian Songbook is an award-winning, 220 page bilingual hardcover coffee table book with a double CD insert that features 32 iconic Canadian songs recorded by Eleanor, 10 Canadian orchestras and 28 guest artists.

The book showcases sumptuous full-colour landscape photography by 22 photographers from across Canada, portraits by co-curator V. Tony Hauser, Canadian fashion design, complementary song lyrics, songwriter commentary, and behind-the-scenes shots by Greg Locke.

Eleanor McCain
True North: The Canadian Songbook

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  • "Eleanor McCain had a vision of a major recording of selected Canadian music. It’s impressive. The time, effort and planning is astonishing and the results fulfilling.”

    Dan MacDonald, Cape Breton Post

  • “Classical-crossover singer Eleanor McCain is doing her part to define the songs that make us Canadian with her ambitious True North: The Canadian Songbook.”

    Lynn Saxburg, Ottawa Sun

  • “The Woman can sing, belting out ballads with an impressive vocal range” and “True North is a tour de force"

    Sarah Daniel, Insight: The Art of Living

  • “Eleanor McCain’s extraordinary celebration of Canadian music, True North: The Canadian Songbook is the ultimate expression of Canadian content and Eleanor sings beautifully in these stunning renditions.”

    Jon Kimura Parker, Artistic Director
    Honens International Piano Competition