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Le tour du Canada EB 33 chansons

15 Juin 2016 – Le Droit

Il émane d’Eleanor McCain une époustouflante énergie. Une voix claire et ferme, un sou‐ rire éclatant, le brushing impeccable d’une femme d’affaires et surtout un discours passionné pour défendre son projet musical pan-canadien.

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Canada Day 2020

Join Eleanor at home this Canada Day 2020 for a very special virtual concert on Facebook and Instagram where she’ll be performing four classic Canadian songs from her album True North: The Canadian Songbook. We may be apart this year,...

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MusicCounts Band Aid Program Awards $725,000 in Instruments to 80 Schools Nationawide

Toronto, ON - March 19, 2017 - Each year, the MusiCounts Band Aid Program provides instruments in $5,000 or $10,000 increments to schools whose music programs are in need of support to ensure their sustained growth. Of the 80 schools announced this year, Conrad...

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Saturday April 21, 2018 - Fogo Island Inn is pleased to welcome vocalist Eleanor McCain for an intimate performance in support of the release of her latest project, True North: The Canadian Songbook. For more information and for tickets call 1-709-658-3444  

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