In honour and in celebration of its 150th birthday, classical crossover recording artist and philanthropist Eleanor McCain is embracing Canada with her 32-song True North: The Canadian Songbook, a musical love letter showcasing some of the best of our country’s songwriters, singers, orchestras, choirs and arrangers, lovingly assembled in one amazing package to be released May 12, 2017.

Produced by Emmy Award winner Don Breithaupt and backed by 10 Canadian orchestras from coast-to-coast, this inspiring tribute to Canada’s people, places and spirit finds the Florenceville, New Brunswick native rolling out the maple red carpet for some of the nation’s most unforgettable ballads, immortal pop and folk classics.

For her sixth album, the three-time ECMA nominee is also partnering with some of the country’s most treasured guest artists to symbolically share what it means to her to be Canadian.

True North: The Canadian Songbook will be issued in two formats: the first as a double CD with an enhanced booklet that will also be available as a digital download.

A more deluxe, expanded package will include the True North: The Canadian Songbook CDs and an accompanying coffee table book featuring picturesque Canadian landscapes captured by nationally prominent photographers.

Eleanor’s intimate and detailed journey of this project from start to completion will be documented in words, photos and video clips.

“I wanted to honour the people, the musicians and the country that I love, and this is the most touching way I felt I could offer proper tribute,” says Ms. McCain.

Strong…Free...True North: The Canadian Songbook.

Watch the full video here.

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Darlene Sawyer:


  • Eleanor McCain
  • Don Breithaupt - Producer
  • Amy T. Dog - President and CEO, Retriever Records
  • Princess Audrey - CFO (Chief Fun Officer), Retriever Records


  • Peter Blahut
  • Dr. Roberta Bondar
  • Claude Bouchard
  • Sigita van Bruchem
  • Roman Buchhoffer
  • Joe Chase
  • Mark Duffy
  • Mathieu Dupuis
  • Ron Erwin
  • George Fischer
  • Scott Forsyth
  • Angela Gzowski
  • Sarah Hauser
  • Thaddeus Holownia
  • Greg Locke
  • Curtis Jones
  • Ian McAllister
  • Peter Mather
  • Paul Nicklen
  • Tomas Nevesley
  • Jerry Spierenburg
  • John Sylvester


  • Natashia Allakariallak
  • Guido Basso
  • Liona Boyd
  • The College of Piping
  • François D'Amours
  • Laura David
  • Denise Djocik
  • Chris Palmer
  • Matt Dusk
  • Elmer Iseler Singers
  • Rik Emmett
  • George Gao
  • Ron Korb
  • Jens Lindemann
  • Jan Lisiecki
  • Natalie MacMaster
  • Bill McBirnie
  • John McDermott
  • The Men of the Deeps
  • Paul Pike
  • Pro Coro Canada
  • Donald Quan
  • Don Ross
  • Saskatoon Children's Choir
  • Sharon Riley And The Faith Chorale
  • Roch Voisine
  • Vineet Vyas
  • Lesley Young