I Can See Hope From Here – Eleanor McCain Music


A celebration of Canadian music, I Can See Hope From Here offers solace and warmth as the world begins to emerge from a pandemic that not only profoundly affected humanity as a whole but dealt a seismic blow to the performing arts community.


I Can See Hope From Here, is a collection of 14 favourite tracks from True North: The Canadian Songbook, Eleanor McCain’s most ambitious project to date - produced by Don Breithaupt and featuring the creations of 14 arrangers, 28 guest artists, and 10 symphony orchestras from across the country. I Can See Hope From Here not only offers a cross-section of the many musical flavours of Canada’s vast songbook but also serves as an apt reflection of the country’s ethos of strength and diversity.

“The honest emotion and powerful spirit of Canadian music has always inspired me,” says McCain, “especially now as we begin to emerge from a very dark and uncertain time. Though I’m not a songwriter, as a long-time interpreter I have the deepest admiration and respect for those who can capture and convey deep feeling through music and words.”

Though the origin of the title track, an original song by album producer Don Breithaupt and his brother Jeff, was personal, the profound impact that COVID-19 has had on the world suddenly caused its words to take on a more universal meaning during this time of restoration and healing.

Album proceeds benefit The Unison Fund – Canada’s music industry charity – up to a total of $25,000.


  • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestre symphonique de Québec
  • National Arts Centre (NAC) Orchestra
  • Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra
  • Symphony Nova Scotia
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Guest Artists

  • Natashia Allakariallak
  • François D'Amours
  • Denise Djokic
  • George Gao
  • Ron Korb
  • Jens Lindemann
  • Bill McBirnie
  • Pro Coro Canada
  • Donald Quan
  • Don Ross
  • Sharon Riley And The Faith Chorale
  • Roch Voisine
  • Vineet Vyas
  • Lesley Young


  • Shelley Berger
  • Don Breithaupt
  • Peter Cardinali
  • Darren Fung
  • Benoit Groulx
  • Lou Pomanti
  • Donald Quan


  • Eleanor McCain - Executive Producer
  • Don Breithaupt - Producer
  • Justin Abedin - Guitar
  • Susan Abramovitch - Lead Legal Counsel - Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP
  • Arthur / Hunter – CD Layout Design
  • John Bailey - Recording Engineer
  • Glen Beard – Piano Technicia
  • Laurie Bégin - Production Coordinator
  • René Bissonette - Associate, Gowlings WLG
  • Sandy Bloos - Hairstylist/li>
  • Shelley Bunda - Executive Personal Assistant
  • Paul Campbell - Event Coordinator
  • James Clemens-Seely - Assistant Engineer (Orchestral)
  • Peter Cocking - Art Director/Book Design
  • Gary Corrin – Music Librarian
  • Mark Costain, VP Marketing, Entertainment One Music
  • Neil Edwards - Project Consultant/Concert Engagements
  • 8VA – Media and Communications and Social Media
  • Sándor Fizli - Session Photographer
  • Sean Gill - Associate, Gowlings WLG
  • Andrew Harper – Music Librarian
  • V. Tony Hauser - Book Curator
  • Alexandre Jacques - Production Manager
  • Vanessa Jarman - Make-up and hair
  • Christopher Johns - Assistant Engineer (Orchestral)
  • Kim Juneja – Music Publicity, Take Aim Media
  • Mark Kelso - Drums
  • Taylor Kernohan - Engineer
  • Pat Kilbride - Bass
  • Paul King - Hairstylist
  • Lorraine Lawson - Vocal Coach and Vocal Production
  • Greg Locke - Photographer
  • Martin MacDonald - Conductor
  • Laurie Mathieu-Bégin - Production Coordinator
  • Darren McGill - Assistant Studio Engineer
  • Wendy Natale - Wardrobe
  • Chris Moncada, General Manager, Entertainment One Music
  • Sébastien Paquin – Production Accountant
  • Quisha Wint – Background Vocals
  • Milan Sarkadi – Assistant Studio Engineer
  • Darlene Sawyer - Project Manager
  • Olivier Sirois - Production Executive
  • Carl Talbot - Recording Engineer (Orchestral)
  • Chris Taylor, President, Entertainment One Music
  • Jeremy Tusz - Recording Engineer (Orchestral)
  • Heidi Umstadt – Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Melanie Vaugeois - Content Coordinator
  • Justin West - Lead Business Consultant
Don Breithaupt

Don Breithaupt

Songwriter and producer, Don Breithaupt and his brother, Jeff describe writing the song, I Can See Hope From Here

DON: We grew up cottaging on southern Georgian Bay, and one way or another we still get up there every summer. In 2014 I rented a place, and Ross, the third of the Breithaupt brothers, was sitting on the dock admiring the view. He could see Giants Tomb Island, a little bit of Christian Island and then, referring to a little uninhabited island in the distance, he said, “I can see Hope from here.” I said, “That’s a great song title! I’m writing it down.” And it stayed in our potential song file until Eleanor commissioned us to write something original for the album. It was perfect for
a Canada-themed project, with a title that reflects Ontario geography. Jeff and I wrote it the way we always do, as a traditional music-and-lyrics team, like Rodgers and Hart or the Gershwins.

JEFF: Unlike most of our collaborations, which start with either fully realized melody or lyrics, this song grew piece by piece: a bit of music, then lyric, then music, then more lyric. It’s a song about living through a dark night of the soul and coming into the dawn—the light. The singer yearns to sleep because she wants to go back into a dream to see the person she has lost, but by the last verse she’s able to say, “It’s been a long night, it’s been a long year, but I can see hope from here.”

DON: There’s an image in the first line of the bridge, of dreams and stars bringing light from the past. As an astronomy nerd, I love that one.